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Learn about The American Bar & Grill

The American Bar & Grill features the classical ambience of an American bar; the free spirit of a young America; cozy interiors in a vintage western style; and most importantly, delicious American home cuisine. Enormous sandwiches, giant steaks, generous potato servings, and huge salads are all hallmarks of genuine Americana. Join us in the friendly atmosphere of an American ranch!

The American Bar & Grill gives you the chance to try not only classic American dishes, but also the best in Italian or Mexican cuisine. Buffalo wings, Italian pasta with seafood and spaghetti, Mexican soup, burritos and fajitas, Californian chicken with vegetables are among the many delicious dishes you'll find at The American Bar & Grill.

We offer you not just good food, but food that's good for you. Would you like to have a great meal without putting on weight? Try our freshly squeezed juices, fruit cocktails and low-calorie salads!

We cook all our dishes using the freshest and best quality products, all of which undergo strict quality control. We prepare all our dishes from scratch. We change the oil in our deep fryers every 15 minutes, which prevents our dishes from soaking up any unwanted fats. Our desserts are made with the choicest fruit, and our sauces are cooked using superior quality natural products.

Our Mayakovskaya restaurant is the only place in town where a refreshing drop of Wild West is available twenty-four hours a day. It's a legend in Moscow and a haven for night owls! It's also the place where you can start your day with an American breakfast: you'll find more than ten varieties of omelettes and fried eggs, pancakes with maple syrup, muesli, muffins, and freshly squeezed juices. All our restaurants feature a special kid's menu and high chairs. On weekends our Taganka location offers a special children's corner, where our resident clown makes sure that your kids have the time of their lives. Bring your whole family here: a good time will be had by all!

Head on down to the ranch, and cowboy up at The American Bar & Grill!

Our locations


Ul. Kirovogradskaya 14 (Torgovy Tsentr "Global Siti"), 956-48-43
Ul. Zemlyanoy val 59, 912-36-15
1-ya Tverskaya-Yamskaya ul. 2, stroenie 1, 250-95-25


Tole Bi street 41 ("Alatau"), 50-50-13